About Us

Professional Security for any business:

Welcome to Lozdon Group Ltd, we provide nationwide Private Security and Social Health Care Services to a wide range of sectors including construction, office, industrial, retail, schools, colleges and local authorities. We can also provide car park security and security guards for one-off events. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Lozdon Group Ltd provide exclusive security and social health care services to businesses and organizations from all divisions of commerce and industry.We can also provide short term emergency security cover should the need arise. Lozdon Group Ltd are recognized for the attention given to detail and consistency of service.

Our goal is to be 100 % Client Focused. We understand that each client is unique and that they require different services, this is why at Lozdon Group Ltd we recruit officers to suit each individual site which enables us to deliver the highest possible service. Our Clients confidentiality is very important to us this is why our staff are trained to a High Standard. We recognise the importance and contribution of our people in all aspects of our operation through continuous monitoring of suggestions from our staff and clients. We maintain a culture of continuous improvement in all we do and to build long term relationship with our clients.
All our security operatives are fully equipped to manage all manner of environments and situations. We also provide our officers with tailored uniform to meet your requirements and to ensure professionalism is present at all times. We offer our clients complete confidence in our assessment for quality and professional practice.

Mission Statement

The mission of Lozdon Group Ltd is to provide a high quality, cost effective service with a professional, well trained and informed security team. Lozdon Group Ltd will Continue to provide the finest quality professional services to our clients according to their budget and needs. we committed to being an employer of choice and customer's first choice for security by delivering quality services. It is the policy of Lozdon Group Ltd to continually strive to raise our standards and those of the security industry in general ever higher. Lozdon Group Ltd doing all the best to protect the public.


To bring out the best in everyone

We treat our staff with the utmost respect, encourage them to share their ideas and opinions. Our staff at Lozdon Group Ltd have helped the company grow using the knowledge they have gained over their years working in the Security industry.

To get everyone working together

We hold regular operations meetings and invite some site based staff to participate in the meeting this way they get to have an input. All managers encourage their staff to gain experience through training courses and cross training in other positions within the company.

To be the best in the Industry

We understand our changing market, set clear standards of performance, encourage people to make decisions and solve problems quickly.

Ideal Reputation

With Customers

Lozdon Group Ltd respond quickly in a helpful way, produce creative ideas, give value for money and supply the right services on time.

Amongst Ourselves

We help and support each other, work as a team, actively recognise efforts and results and all share in the Company's success.

With Suppliers

Lozdon Group Ltd agree and expect clear standards, keep their promises, treat us honestly and fairly and support us well.


Our commitment to a long term contract partnership is based upon a simple principle; Providing Professional & Quality Security and Social Health Care Services with right people on time and assuring the value for money