Our Services

In order to achieve our premium security service, we understand that there are essential elements that must be correctly established.
Your security professionals will be:
  • Selected (right person for the right job)
  • Trained (able to undertake specified security/community duties)
  • Motivated (having the right attitude)
  • Directed (knowing what to do and how to do it)
  • Supported (365 days a year)

Manned Guarding

Our Security Officers match the requirements you’re looking for.

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Front of House Security

Meeting and greeting customers, or keeping a low-profile (in uniform or plain clothes)

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Retail Security

A fully trained and proactive retail security officer is a highly effective

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Event Security

Running an event is usually a logistic nightmare.

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We deliver feature rich security solutions that work effortlessly alongside

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CCTV operators

We are proud to provide temporary and holiday relief CCTV operators to a vast number of organisations.

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